Class Times

We have classes for all ages and abilities on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Whatever your ability or age, there will be something to suit you!

Please call ahead if you are planning your first visit – just so we know who is coming and will be able to confirm that there is space in the class. You can call on either 0161 624 5378 or 07855 792435.

DayClassTimeAge groupCost
(Please note this class doesn't start until 6th November)
Drama10:00am till 10:50amAge 3, 4 and 5£5.00
WednesdayDrama and dancing3:45pm till 5:30pmYears 5, 6 and 7£10.00
WednesdayDrama and dancing5:30pm till 7:30pmYears 8, 9 and 10£12.00
SaturdayDrama and dancing9:00am till 11:00amYears 7, 8 and 9£12.00
SaturdayTap class11 till 11.30All Welcome£3.00
SaturdayDrama and dancing11.30am till 1:00pmYears 1, 2 and 3£8.00
SaturdayDrama and dancing 1:00pm till 2:30pmYears 4, 5 and 6£8.00
SaturdayDrama and dancing2:30pm till 4:45pmAdvanced£15.00